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Thrifty Car Sales 2009

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This Item 19 was provided as part of the franchisor’s FDD/UFOC package. Please note, there is no prescribed format that a franchisor must use in submitting this information. The only requirement for any Item 19 is that the franchisor must have a "reasonable basis" for the financial disclosure and, if challenged, must be able to substantiate the information presented. Depending on the level of detail provided (i.e. breakout of income and expense items), Item 19s vary among companies, ranging from one page to several dozen pages.

If the item is Red-Lined, this means that the franchisor has used the prior year's document and simply crossed out the modified information from the preceding year and inserted the information that pertains to the current year. Red-lined documents are frequently presented to the various state regulatory agencies in order to easily determine the changes from one year to another. Where possible, we try to provide final, clean copies of the Items 19s. In some cases, however, a clean version was unavailable, so we have provided the Red-Lined Item 19, which still provides valuable and insightful information not available elsewhere.